Build reading skill and enjoyment with Literacy Pro and Snapplify's digital library

Fast and accurate tools to evaluate reading levels

Lexile measures are the global standard in reading assessment and are accurate for all ages, including first- and second-language students.

With research-backed reading assessment tools and 24/7 access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks via Snapplify Engage, students are empowered to find what they can and want to read, while teachers spend more time enriching instruction.


Motivate progress with the right books, powerful data and reports

Literacy Pro puts essential data into your hands – at the student, class, school, and district levels. Review high-level reports or dive into the details to monitor student goals, comprehension improvements, and reading progress.

Gather information and insights to better understand student needs and facilitate reading development.

Engage readers with books they'll love

The Snapplify Engage e-library comes with a growing number of ebooks at just the right level to support reading development.

After accurately assessing reading comprehension and discovering new books tailored to their interests and reading levels, students are inspired to read more, while you track their progress.


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